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This must be alien work.

This must be alien work.

Companies, developers and communities rely on NeuroBits™ infrastructure.

Gudix helps digital companies and Challenger Banks achieve scalable growth with speculation protection.

5 algorithms that are changing the world.


NeuroBits™ are credits used by Internet companies to communicate in encrypted form.

Bitcoin Valuation

We give projects intrinsic value. Gudix® uses Bitcoin to measure and algorithmically drive the value of growth.


Metatag Applications

A new type of digital business model leads via metatags. Reserve the most profitable metatags as early as possible.

Algorithmic Stable Economy by GudixIO

High Performance Merchant Network

High Performance Merchant Network

The Neuronet is financed by transaction fees. As a high performer you get access to the pool of fees.

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USD 1'200.00


High-performance dealer inquiries are stored and advertised in a database. Due to high demand, waiting times are to be expected. The request can only be called up by dealers who are authorized to process the request based on the budget entered. Basically, the higher the budget, the more trustworthy the retailer. The Gudix Organization is an intermediary and cannot be held liable.

For innovators and developers, for growth and freedom.

For innovators and developers, for growth and freedom.

Neuronet API

Would you like to send or accept transactions worldwide via your website or app? We deliver the NeuroBit technology to make any transaction. Via the Neuronet you can communicate encrypted with any device worldwide. That's a bit like asking your fridge via WhatsApp to order new milk.

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All participants communicate in encrypted form via a peer-2-peer network. Each subject has its own neural address.


The neural network cannot distinguish between man and machine. Neuronet is ideally suited for IoE applications.

API Console

100% secured with Bitcoin. Send credit and data encrypted via the GudixIO API.


GudixIO is a neural network, a deep learning algorithm. There are no points of contact with the financial sector.

DDoS and SPAM Protection

Digital depots minimize susceptibility to DDoS and SPAM. Transactions are collateralised.

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